Auto / Vehicle LoansAs low as 0.9%
Personal / Savings LoansAs low as 9.00%
Share Certificate LoansRate + 9%
Investment / Money Market Loans9.00%
Home Equity Loans9.00%
Business / Stock Loans (65-75% of Market Value)9.00%
First Home Equity Note18.00%
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
*Denominated in World Currency
Rates subject to change without notice.
As Low As Rates = your rate may vary from the state rate and will be determined by your credit history and repayment option.

Start building your P2P financial reputation, today.

Auto Loan – Loan Application (Download)

Personal Loan – Loan Application (Download)

Investment / Money Market Loans – Loan Application

Home Equity Loans – Loan Application

Business / Stock Loans – Loan Application

Home Equity Note – Loan Application

Government Funding Application (Download)

If you have true full faith for consideration of value and credit in the form of tokenized mutual credit for long-term growth, then you should be borrowing against it because it is more beneficial than selling it and you can access the full value of your investment without selling your Bitcoin and its potential to increase in price. The World Credit Union offers US Notes, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Legal Tender loans collateralized by your Bitcoin and Bitcoin assets. What does that mean? Well, we give you US Notes, Bitcoin, and or Bitcoin legal Tender and you give us Bitcoin (BTC) aka digital gold as security for repayment. It’s really that simple. Clients can apply for a loan in less than 2 minutes and be funded in any World Currency directly into their mutual creditbank accounts or wallets in as few as 90 minutes.

All loans offered & products are categorized as funds on the World Open Market Exchange.

Bitcoin (BTC) is its store of value. Bitcoin is a universal asset or a form of money, one thing that remains true is that the decentralized ecosystem looks to Bitcoin to pave the road for bringing a free open market enterprise to the rest of the world. The best way to offer Bitcoin true purpose is by offering traditional financial products within the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem. The World Credit Union is doing exactly this with collateralized digital gold for US Note loans using Bitcoin as digital gold or the World Reserve Asset.

Why take a Bitcoin-backed loan with World Credit Union? The World Credit Union offers the most affordable (BTC) Bitcoin-to-Dollar (USD) lending rates with the largest U.S. For many bitcoin owners, being forced to sell their assets is not an option. The World Credit Union offers Bitcoin and Bitcoin Smart Contract investors the ability to access the value of their bitcoin assets without having to sell their digital gold. After a World Credit Union loan is paid off, the client receives all of their collateral back, including any increased value, interest, or Tokenized XCP Assets that occur over the duration of the loan and are an essential part of how a bitcoin loan works through the World Credit Union. 

Click here for more information on how we handle client assets. Our clients use their World Credit Union funding for a number of different things. Individuals often use their loans towards buying homes, paying taxes, or diversifying investments. We also have business clients that leverage their Bitcoin to help with things like funding payroll or expanding operations. 

It takes a minute or less to apply for a BTC or World Currency loan. Once submitted our World Coordinators will review and give you a decision and present you with loan terms within hours. After you accept and send your collateral, we will Send US Notes directly into your US bank account. It’s that simple. End-to-end, our clients can apply for a Bitcoin, NEO Cash, or a Nomni Cash loan and have US Notes in their US bank account in less than 90 minutes. Additionally, World Credit Unions lends globally and has interest rates starting at 9%, making us the largest, fastest, and most affordable Bitcoin asset-backed lender in the Global Village. If you’re looking for a way to leverage your digital gold asset holdings without having to sell. Find out more information about how World Credit asset-backed loans work. If you have any questions about WCU or how our loans work, please contact us at We love hearing from you.

If the value of your collateral significantly decreases, a mutual margin call may occur. mutual margin calls are calculated based on the LTV (loan-to-value) rate outlined in your loan agreement. A margin call can happen when the value of your collateral drops, increasing the LTV of your loan. In the event of a mutual margin call, you will have to add more collateral to your account to maintain a healthy LTV ratio. The first margin call occurs at a 70% LTV. At this point, you have 72 hours to take action by posting additional collateral or paying down the loan balance. We will keep you informed if your LTV starts to near the 70% mark so you can take action preemptively. If your LTV reaches the 80% mark, the WCU will automatically sell a portion of your crypto collateral to bring your LTV back to a 70% LTV.

You can transfer your assets to your World Credit Union account and get an Instant Secured Credit Line™. One of the most frequent questions the Bitcoin Smart Contract Community users have is whether they can make a major purchase, like buying a house or a car, with their Bitcoin Smart Contract and Assets. The answer is, as many mortgage providers don’t accept Bitcoin as collateral. One solution is using Bitcoin-backed loans to secure digital fiat or physical cash that can be used for GDP purchases.

You can now leverage your Bitcoin holdings to borrow digital fiat or physical cash you can use to meet a wide range of financial goals. These include making a down payment on a home, investing in real estate, purchasing a car, funding a business, making home renovations, or refinancing high-interest debt, among other purposes.

You can immediately get tokenized digital fiat cash from your credit line by:

  • Withdrawing fiat straight to your bank account. You can choose between 40+ currencies.
  • Withdrawing Voucher Dollars or Dollar Cash to your mutual credit or e-wallet account or another Bitcoin-counterparty compatible address.
  • Using the free Bitcoin Smart Contract compatible e-wallet / trade desk called free wallet.
  1. Open the CES platform, find a Loan Fund Offering in the Open Market, Apply for Loan
  2. Deposit US Notes or Bitcoins or XCP Assets and complete SKR Agreement verification.
  3. Click the “Borrow” button in your CES Trade Account to withdraw cash instantly.

LTV (%) = Loan Amount ÷ Value of Collateral.

A loan’s LTV (loan-to-value) ratio determines the amount of Bitcoin or XCP Assets as collateral you need to post to take out a loan. This number only applies when you’re getting a collateralized loan. These types of loans require clients to give the lender an asset, in our case digital currency, to hold until their loan is paid off. Once the loan is paid off, you’ll receive the full collateral or secured deposit back.

1 Star Rating – 500-9999K | Unsecured Loans / Personal Loans

2 Star Rating – 10k – 99K | Personal / Business Loans

3 Star Rating – 100K- 999K | Business / Estate Loans

4 Star Rating – 1 Million – 99 Million | Organization / Estate Loans

5 Star Rating – 100 Million – Infinite | Government Loans

Savings Secured Loan

Secure financing without dipping into your savings, and at a lower rate. 


  • Fully secured by your WCU manged shares savings account
  • Savings continue to earn dividends and become available to you as the loan is paid off
  • Extended terms of 63 to 180 months available for certain loan purposes, subject to loan amount minimums
63 to 180 mos.Share rate + 3.60%
Up to 63 mos.Share rate + 2.70%

Debt Consolidation Loan

Simplify your finances by consolidating high-interest debt at a competitive, fixed rate.


  • Affordable monthly payments
  • 250 to 90,000 loan amounts
Up to 36 mos.1.00-9.00%
37 to 63 mos.9.00-18.00%

Home Improvement Loan

Get quick cash to finance your home improvement or repair projects. 


  • Great for Smart home repairs, remodeling or efficiency upgrades
  • No collateral required or needed
  • 25,000 minimum loan amount for 63 to 81 months and 30,000 minimum loan amount for 81 to 180 months
Up to 36 mos.1.00-9.00%
37 to 63 mos.9.00-18.00%
63 to 180 mos.18.00-19.00%

Personal Expense Loan

World Credit has the dedication to fit your unique needs—and we will be able to deposit funds directly into your cash draft or mutual credit shares account.


  • Simplified financing for unplanned and planned expenses such as auto repairs, vacations and other major purchases 
  • 250 to 90,000 loan amounts
Up to 36 mos.1.00-9.00%
37 to 63 mos.9.00-18.00%

Certificate Loans

Certificate Secured Loan

Borrow 100% of your share certificate’s principal balance for a variety of terms at 1.9% APR above the share certificate’s rate.


  • Loan amount cannot exceed the share certificate balance
  • Loan term must be equal to or less than the certificate term
Up to 60 mos.Certificate rate + 1.90%

Organization Loans with Mutual Credit Bank Instruments as collateral LTV: 

  • 1 to 100M – 45% Non-Rated Credit Bank or 65% Rated Bank – Non-Recourse Loan
  • 1 to 100M Credit Bank Guarantee (CBG) – 65% Recourse Loan with a Non-Rated Credit Bank instrument or 80% Recourse Loan with a Rated Credit Bank instrument
  • This loan has an interest of 1.9% per annum and can extend for up to ten years in length.


Unsecured Revolving Lines (Start Ups & Existing Businesses) ∞10,000 to ∞99,000

  • Rates: 0% for 12 to 18 Months, then 9% to 19.99% thereafter. (Some lines can have a low rate of 6%-9% for the life of the loan).  
  • 2 Star Blockchain Rating (Blockchain Score Driven)
  • 3 Positive Smart Trade Lines (Lines of Credit, Autos, Vendors) 
  • Low number of Inquiries in the last 6 months
  • Limited number of 30–90-day derogatory marks in 24-month period
  • No income needed for Start-ups
  • 3 – 6 Month Bank Account or Mutual Credit Account History

Unsecured Term Loans 3 to 5 years (Start Ups & Existing Businesses) ∞25,000 to ∞200,000

  • 2/3 Star Blockchain Rating
  • 3 Positive Smart Trade Lines (Lines of Credit, Loans, Properties)
  • Low number of Inquiries in the last 6 months 
  • Limited number of 30-90 day derogatory marks in 24 month period
  • Income Docs requested
  • 3 – 6 Month Bank Account or Mutual Credit Account History  

Unsecured Term Loans 1 to 5 years (Existing Businesses) ∞25,000 to ∞500,000

  • 2/3 Star Blockchain Rating or better
  • Business Annual Revenue ∞150K or more
  • Business Net Income = ∞0 or More in the last 2 years
  • Rates: 9 to 18% (Depending on Industry, Cash-Flow & Credit Worthiness)
  • 3 – 6 Month Bank Account or Mutual Credit Account History

Unsecured Cash Advance Loans 1 to 5 years (Existing Businesses) $10,000 to $1,000,000

  • Based Upon your Total Monthly Business Revenue
  • 3 – 6 Month Bank Account or Mutual Credit Account History
  • 3 Star Blockchain Rating
  • A preset payback periods
  • Receive Bitcoin or XCP in as little as 3 days
  • Quick Community Approvals
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • No Collateral Needed

New Construction/Flipping/Rehab Loans 1 to 5 years

For example:

  • Purchase Price = ∞100,000.00
  • Escrow for Construction = ∞50,000.00
  • Total proceeds needed to complete deal= ∞150,000.00
  • ARV (After Repair Value) = ∞240,000.00 
  • Estimated Loan to After-repair-value = 57% 
  • Down Payment = ∞0 to ∞30,000.00 (Depending on the Program) 
  • Monthly Payment = ∞0 to ∞1,300

Estimated Completion Time:

  • 9 to 19 Days after all documents are signed and verified or 3 to 9 Days After Instrument Delivery on the CES, XCP Counterparty network.

Organization Loan Disbursement:

  1. 27 days after confirmation and authentication of the signed CES or Blockchain Message, we release first disbursement (19% of the loan).
  2. 38 days after the first disbursement we release the second disbursement (19% of the loan).
  3. The remaining 19% of the loan will be divided in ninth (9) month and will be disbursed every 38 days after the second disbursement.


  • Full loan disbursement in 1-12 month.
  • In case a client does not have a mutual credit bank instrument to place as collateral for the project, the Global Credit Facility can offer to lease the credit instrument to the client and at the same time offers the monetization.
  • The World Open Market Exchange can only mutually / token monetized their own bank instrument for up to 100M maximum per tranche.
  • If client is leasing the credit bank instrument from a Noocratic Financial Institution, the client only has to pay for the initial deposit fees and the foundation will pay the lease instrument cost.


Type of Credit Descriptions

Individual Credit – Applying for credit in my own name. Not relying on the income or assets of another person for repayment. 

Joint Credit / Spouse – Applying for credit with my spouse. Both are liable for the obligation. Both will receive goods, services, or money in return for the credit obligation. 

Joint Credit / Non-Spouse – Applying for credit with another person; non-spouse. Both are liable for the obligation. Both will receive goods, services, or money in return for the credit obligation. 

Individual Credit / Cosigner or Guarantor – Applying for credit in my own name. Relying on income or assets of another person for repayment. The other person will not benefit from the obligation but will be liable in default situations (for example, cosigner or guarantor). Application information is required for both the applicant and the other person.

Loan Application (Download)

Government Funding Application (Download)

Loan Coordinator


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