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The WCU & Proposed WTFCU works with the W.O.M.E – World Open Market Exchange CES as the Global Credit Facility (WCA). The WCU is a Global Community Financial Institution registered in the Community Exchange System using the Voucher Dollar (Virtual) facility, Mutual Credit, combined with the Bitcoin Blockchain System as it currently stands is fully operational. For years we didn’t want to put too much effort into it until we see how it is taken up by users. As it is a somewhat unconventional way of trading with our oh-so-conventional system of secured Voucher Dollars, Mutual Credits and Bitcoin Financial assets, and legal tender base tokens, it is going to take users some time to come to terms with it. We have had a lot of ideas about its future development but will introduce new features on-demand or as the need arises rather than making the interface so complicated that no one can understand how it works.

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The World Credit Union Trust is the World Government’s mutual World Reserve Fund & Capital Trust that is a professionally managed global credit facility that pools value from community investors to create or purchase community assets & securities. These community investors may be retail or institutional in nature. We’ve decided to serve the entire global village through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Action No. 27655 to end World Poverty. Our investment management is owned by the global community account shareholders themselves. This brings the wealth right back to where it belongs to the everyday common folk, communities, and their families.

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Credit unions are owned and controlled by the people, or members, who use their services. Your vote counts and its Peer to Peer. A volunteer board of directors is elected by members to manage a credit union. Through Federal Jurisdictions collectively we all own and operate Federally as the Proposed World Temple Federal Credit Union. As we reach for full Chartering. We are in full complete operation under the international fund and regulation of World Law and jurisdiction known as the World Credit Union.

The WCU is a Global Community Base Credit Union that circulates the shares, loans, and membership benefits among the community to leverage, hedge, arbitrate resources and future developments that will appreciate in value for generations. WCU CDs have no minimum deposit, making them a fine choice for those on a limited investment budget. Even though there is no minimum deposit, World Credit still offers extremely competitive rates for its 3-, 5-, and 7-year CDs. Customers can opt to receive interest disbursements every month and can transfer those disbursements to a World Credit’s Online Digital Fiat Cash Brokerage Accounts, should they have one. What the World Currency limitation placed on these services are. “Natural-person credit unions” (also called “retail credit unions” or “consumer credit unions”) serve individuals and local families as distinguished from “corporate credit unions”, which serve other credit unions. We serve the people, their families, businesses, and governments of local Communities.

The need for the World Credit Union is to serve the global village as a global community. The World Credit Union will act as a Global Credit Facility for the merging of peer-to-peer technology and community base systems. The use of blockchain needs more solid financial institutions that understand the need the unbanked have along with the lack of education of financial technology and banking industries.


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The Global Village has experienced poverty worldwide, and our aim is to end world poverty by 2030, as the World Credit Union and the Proposed World Temple FCU which is a growing global financial institution that serves the all people of all nations, organizations, and financial backgrounds.


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