World Treasury V-Dollar

Why Are We Doing This?

The main reason for introducing this V-Dollar trading facility is to provide a stepping stone for those who have had difficulty coming to terms with trading purely in NEO. In a sense, it is a step backward to the debt-based conventional money system that we are trying to get away from! The difference between a United States Note and a Federal Reserve Note is that a United States Note represented a “bill of credit” and since it was issued by the government itself and does not involve either lending or borrowing, and was inserted by the US Treasury directly into circulation free of interest. This only strengthens the Noocratic Voucher Dollar redeemable for the US Notes (DXY) pegged to the Dollar Index as a monetary form of measurement and it moves the global economy forward with a new world reserve currency.

Businesses, in particular, find it difficult to trade in the purely Nomni economy as they can easily run up huge credit balances that they are not able to reduce because they can’t find anything to spend their NEO on. Also, businesses don’t know how to record the books for goods or services they have sold on the exchange. As there are no conventional payments for these should they be recorded as given away to charity or provided for free? And how does the inventory record deal with goods for which there are no apparent payments?

In order to attract more goods and services into the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index we are hoping that businesses will now find it easier to participate, and at least provide some of their offerings for NEO. As the range of goods and services increases and businesses find it easier to trade, we are hoping that in time they will discover that there is no need to ‘back’ their transactions with any asset including but not limited to Federal Reserve Dollars. The same transactions, especially with other businesses, will be able to be carried out purely in NEO. Depositing Federal money will be seen as what it is, a waste of time and money!

The other main reason for introducing this facility is to enhance the local economy. Conventional money favors globalization, which destroys local economies and moves money elsewhere. By keeping noocratic money local we reinvigorate our communities, putting life back into them while the global economy goes belly up and ordinary people are left without access to the exchange medium called money.

There are many other reasons why we are doing this but all of them are aimed at helping us reclaim the money power which is currently in the hands of a financial elite whose agenda is destroying our economies, the social fabric, and our planet.

There are two ways of obtaining V-Dollars:

  1. You sell something to someone who has a Voucher Dollar balance

    By selling something to someone with a positive V-Dollar balance their account is debited and yours is credited. You may redeem these Voucher Dollars for ‘Federal’ Dollars even without having deposited anything in the bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index.
  2. You “exchange” them by depositing Federal Reserve Dollars or any cash equivalent in the bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index

    When you deposit Federal Reserve Dollars, they are converted into V-Dollars and appear as a positive balance in your V-Dollar account. This does not happen automatically as there is no connection between the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index CES bank account and your V-Dollar account. You need to ‘purchase’ the Voucher Dollars. This alerts the administration that you have deposited Federal Reserve Dollars and when the deposit is cleared and appears in the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index CES bank statement your V-Dollar account will be credited with Voucher Dollars.

How does this work? (See schematic below.).

The Global V-Dollar facility allows users of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index to trade with each other in Federal Reserve Dollars in much the same way as trading with NEO.

Users obtain Voucher Dollars either by selling to others who already have a V-Dollar balance or by depositing Federal Reserve Dollars in the community bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index . The Federal Reserve Dollars are converted and matched to V-Dollars (‘loan/sold’ for V-Dollars) and it is with these that the trading takes place.

The deposited Federal Reserve Dollars just sit in the community bank account and are never actually used in any transactions. All trading is done at the higher, virtual level. Thus, when you sell something your V-Dollar balance goes up and when you buy something it goes down, just as it does with NEO.

The web interface to do this is the familiar CES transaction interface, so there is nothing much new for you to learn.

If you require ‘Federal‘ Dollars you can redeem your Noocratic Dollars for Federal Dollars. In other words, you ‘sell’ your Noocratic Dollars to the Administration for Federal Dollars. You should never need to redeem your Noocratic Dollars as you will continuously be able to ‘recycle’ them by buying and selling with other traders of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index.

When you come to redeem your Voucher Dollars all you are required to do is register your regular Federal bank account details. This is where your ‘Federal’ Dollars will be paid out. All redemptions will only be done by electronic transfer directly from the community bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index to your account. Federal Reserve Cash and/or cheques will not be issued. If you do not have a Federal bank account you can have your payments made to any public or private bank account of your choice. You will have to negotiate with the account holder about how you receive your payments.

Having a V-Dollar account is like having your first or another Federal bank account. Anyone can make deposits in your name into the community bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index and it will appear in your V-Dollar account, from where you can either trade or redeem the money in any denomination.

As with NEO, in the V-Dollar system, the seller enters the transaction data, so in effect, buyers do not ‘pay’ sellers. If you as a seller find that a buyer does not have sufficient V-Dollars in their account, the transaction can be taken back to the mutual credit economy (i.e. the trade falls outside of the Dollar Index). Alternatively, you as a seller will be able to debit the balance in NEO. There is thus a free global mutual credit facility for buyers linked to the V-Dollar currency facility.

QIf sellers can directly debit my account, then what’s to stop them just debiting everyone, redeeming the currency, and running off with the money?

A: This can’t happen. Remember, the transacting is happening at the virtual level. The ‘Federal’ money just sits in the community Federal bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index and does not move to the seller’s account when a transaction is entered. When a user decides to redeem V-Dollars their trading record will be examined before any redemption takes place. If anything looks suspicious the currency will not be redeemed until there is a certainty that everything is above board. Also, all transaction entries are accompanied by an email, so if someone debits your account mistakenly or fraudulently you will know about it. Real-time statements available from the site will also keep you informed about your standing.

QWhat if I don’t have a federal bank account? How can I participate in this?

A: You don’t need to have a personal Federal bank account. All you need to provide are details of an account like your Bitcoin E-Wallet where redemption payments can be made. This could be your partner’s bank account, a friend’s, your employer’s, or anyone else’s who will receive payments for you (and then pass it on to you!).

QDo I need to deposit money before I can use the V-Dollar facility?

A: No, not if you are receiving a Federal Reserve Dollar or Noocratic Bitcoin Community loan but obviously if you want to purchase something you can’t do so until you have sold something and earned some V-Dollars from another user. If you have a good product or service to sell then you can quickly earn some currency and start spending.

Remember though, if no one deposits money and just waits for others to start buying from them then nothing will happen. There has to be a circulating and operating currency in the system for users to begin purchasing.

QHow much money should I deposit?

A: That’s entirely up to you. If you feel a bit insecure about this whole thing then just deposit a little in the beginning to see how it works and build up confidence. If you want to make a specific purchase then obviously you need to deposit enough to cover the cost of it. Later on, you need to deposit enough to cover all your disbursements and chosen accounts and your investment plan.

QHow do I know my money is secure and that the Administration won’t just run off with it?

A: You will just have to trust us! The record of the CES is impeccable and any fraudulent activity would be the end of the system. We are not in this to ‘make money but to get rid of money-as-we-know-it. We have a fiduciary obligation to our clients, members, and owner-depositors by way of filing Form 56, W2, or W8 with the IRS for each community coordinator or participant financial institution.

Federal Reserve Banks are in business to make money out of your money and you trust them. They only keep a 10 percent fraction of the money you deposited with them in reserve. The rest is lent out to make more money. When banks fail, the chances are that you won’t get your money out because there is less value insufficiently held in reserve. The V-Dollar system keeps a 100% reserve, so your money is always there. The V-Dollar is true insurance for your money. Full-reserve banking (also known as 100% reserve bankingnarrow banking, or sovereign money system) is a system of credit banking where banks do not lend demand deposits and instead, only lend from time deposits. It differs from fractional-reserve banking, in which banks may lend funds on deposit, while fully reserved banks would be required to keep the full amount of each depositor’s funds in cash, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand.

QDoes my money on deposit earn interest?

A: No, at least not in the beginning and unless you purchase a community offering. The Administration has to pay International, Federal, or Brokerage bank charges for its community bank account and there will be other expenses denominated in Smart Contract Obligation Tokens, Bitcoin Shares, or national currency to run the system. The money to cover these will come from interest earned on the deposits. Additionally, the Global & Local Community Administration will use the interest to pay for running the community exchanges and for global and local community development projects (e.g., opening and running ‘branch offices’, user training, etc.).

To prevent abuse of the system by the Global & Local Community Administration, all users will be able to see the total amount of money ‘in the Community International, Federal or Brokerage ‘bank’. This is the money deposited by the users. The system will be audited by an independent auditor of the World Temple or Syndicate Community Firm (Coordinator) and all figures will be made available for scrutiny.

We will endeavor to keep the system as open and transparent as possible so that users will have good faith in the system and be sure that their money is not being used incorrectly.

QDo we have to pay levies on transactions like we do with NEO?

A: No. There are no transaction levies when trading in V-Dollars. However, the Global & Local Community Administration may in the future use levies to generate revenue if required. For now, one of the main attractions of the V-Dollar system is that it eliminates the usual fees and interest payments normally associated with conventional fractional reserve banking.

QDoes this mean we can now advertise in Federal Dollars only?

A: No, Federal Dollars-only offerings are still not acceptable. There are many other places where you can advertise your Federal Dollars-only offerings or you can negotiate directly with your buyers/clients/customers. If buyers are outside the system, then invite them in. We are, however, considering a separate, V-Dollars-only advertising place.

QDoes this mean you are now going to lend money too?

A: If you require credit then use NEO! Remember, mutual credit is receiving value from the community before you have delivered like value. By all means, you receive what you need from the community as a loan but ‘pay’ it back by delivering direct offerings to other members of the community within a reasonable period of time.

QCan I trade with people in other exchanges?

A: Not yet but we plan to provide that ability soon.

QWill I be able to trade overseas?

A: Yes, but that’s problematic because of exchange rates, but we’re working on it!

QWhat happens if I sell something and the buyer says “Debit my account” but when I go there to do it, I find that he has insufficient money in his or her account?

A: That can happen. If the buyer has a zero balance or a balance less than the amount you want to debit him or her, then you can either debit what he or she has in his or her account and the difference in NEO or decide that the trade falls outside of the voucher system. In other words, you have to collect the money from the buyer in the ‘normal’ economy either by demanding tokenized cash, a trade slip cheque, or whatever other payment method is acceptable to both of you like Bitcoin shares or Smart Contracts.

QIf there are not many traders on the system. How do I trade with my normal customers who are not part of this?

A: Invite your customers onto the system as a private bank, financial institution, or brokerage firm. The more users there are the easier it gets for all Global Community Exchange Market Participants. Push back the barriers until everyone in your supply chain is trading through the system. Sign up here as a Market Maker, Brokerage Firm, Private or Public Bank.

QWhat about tax?

A: The CES only provides a transacting platform and is not responsible for calculating, collecting, or reporting taxes. It is up to you what you want to declare to the taxation authorities. Think of it in the same way as using cash in the form of Tokens, Time, and or Mutual Credits.

Below are some of the benefits of using the V-Dollar Facility. You will discover more as you begin to use it:

  • Free community banking. No more outrageous fees and inexplicable bank charges. We’re not trying to make money out of money. The V-Dollar currency facility is for facilitating exchange, not for extracting wealth out of others without delivering anything socially-useful.
  • No interest. The concept of ‘interest’ has been excised from this facility! You can’t go into ‘overdraft’ but if your ‘funds’ have ‘run out’ you can use an interest-free cash brokerage account holding NEO in the form of mutual credits to obtain what you need.
  • Instant transfers. No more waiting for cheques to ‘clear’. Conventional mutual credit clearing practices are primitive and designed to extract even more out of us by delaying the process and thereby giving federal banks a ‘float’ of money in limbo that can be invested.
  • Mobile phone interface. Do all your bill paying, trading, and community banking using your mobile phone. You can use your mobile to ‘pay’ sellers or, if you are the seller, to debit your buyers. Your mobile allows you to use the V-Dollar facility in market situations where you need to check if your buyers actually have the ‘funds’ to purchase what you are selling.
  • It is secure. Non-physical money can’t be stolen and openness and transparency discourage fraud.
  • Crypto-Electronic-only transactions. No cumbersome physical cash, chequebooks or waiting in queues for tellers. Complete your transactions in an instant using your personal computer or mobile phone.
  • It is a local or community reserve currency. It keeps the wealth of the community in the community. Conventional money leaks away to the ‘money centres’ because it knows no bounds or loyalty, leaving in its wake ‘money deserts’, poverty and desolation.
  • It builds global & local community instead of destroying it like conventional money. We trade with our local neighbors instead of with people far away and it still benefits the entire global community. In this way we strengthen ties and create faith in ourselves.
  • Reduces dependence on cumbersome and hostile bureaucracies. Replace hostility, antagonism and opposed interests with friendliness, amicability and congruent interests.
  • Trading is cheaper so your money goes further. By cutting out interest and unnecessary fees your money is used purely for exchange and is not siphoned off to support global & local community financial institutions.
  • It does not assume you are wicked! Conventional financial institutions assume you are wicked and evil. You are guilty of malicious intent until you prove your innocence. Here we give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are innocent until you prove yourself to be guilty.
  • Simplifies life. Make one deposit to cover all your disbursements. Instead of separately paying the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, make one payment to the NMNI Community Bank and let your seller’s credit themselves.
  • Streamlines trading and eliminates hassles. Sellers do all the work. They enter the transaction records so there is no need for buyers to ‘pay’ sellers. This in itself has many benefits for sellers:
    • No need to issue invoices, statements, etc. (except where it was impossible to give a firm price in the beginning).
    • No waiting for cheques
    • No standing in bank queues to deposit cheques
    • No chasing for your money
    • No debt collecting
    • No bad debts
    • No ‘cash flow’ problems
  • No need for accountants. Everything is on the system.
  • Instant, real-time statements covering any period.
  • Instant, real-time information about your trades with any trader.
  • Transparency and openness. See everyone’s current balance and their trading record. Never be caught out by selling to a trader who has no ‘funds’.
  • Free mutual credit in the form of NEO.

Here are a number of ways that the Virtual-Dollar facility can be used. You will no doubt be able to think of many other ways to use it.

  1. Make normal payments

    Use your V-Dollar account to pay for anything from a global or local community seller that you would normally pay for with Federal Reserve cash, cheque or credit card.
    So why not just pay with Federal Reserve cash, cheque or credit card?

    Because it is so much easier! You don’t have to do anything; you just tell the seller to “Debit my account!”.
  2. Pay for items on the NMNI advertised as part NEO and part Federal Dollars

    Where items are advertised on the Offerings List for part NEO and part Federal Dollars, you no longer have to fork out part cash and get the seller to debit your account for the NEO. Now the seller can do both at the same time and you don’t have to carry cash around with you using V-Dollars.
  3. Replace faithless cash!

    Using the V-Dollar facility is even easier than faithless cash, and a lot safer than walking around with faithless cash in your purse, e-wallet or pockets.

    Simply tell your sellers to “Debit me!” and never use cash again (apart from in the ‘old’ economy unfortunately!).
  4. Use it to receive payments from non-CES buyers

    You can use your V-Dollar account to receive payments from non-CES buyers (i.e. the general public). They deposit money into the account of the Noocratic Community Bank (WCB) , which will credit your V-Dollar account. From there you can purchase what you require from other participant Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index traders or redeem it.
  5. Transfer money to others instantaneously and without charges

    If you need to transfer Noocratic money to another person they would also have to be a member of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index, let them debit your account for the amount they require.
  6. Give someone a free community bank account

    Help someone classed as “unbanked” to get a NMNI community bank account. Many people do not have a bank account because Federal Reserve banks won’t open one for them, or they have ‘insufficient funds’ to maintain one. Now having a Community Trade account, with V-Dollar trading activated, is like having a regular Federal bank account. Share your personalFederal bank account details as the destination for redeemed V-Dollars and the other person now has all the main services provided by regular International, Federal, or Brokerage banks. Payments can be made into the NMNI Community Mutual Credit Term Bank and withdrawals can be made via your account.
  7. Give yourself another bank account

    By signing up to use the V-Dollar facility you are in effect providing yourself with another bank account. Payments from third parties can be paid into the NMNI Community Mutual Credit Bank and your payments can be made inside the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index if your sellers are in there too. If they are not, invite them to join the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index!
  8. Use it to avoid bank charges

    Banks charge outrageous amounts for every little transaction or service. Now you can save huge amounts by using this free service.

The V-Dollar facility as it currently stands is largely experimental. We didn’t want to put too much effort into it until we saw how it is taken up by users. As it is a somewhat unconventional way of trading with our oh-so-conventional Federal Dollars, it is going to take users some time to come to terms with it. We have had a lot of ideas about its future development but will introduce new features on-demand or as the need arises rather than making the interface so complicated that no one can understand how it works.

Future Developments

The following are some of the features that we plan to release in the future.

  • Multiple transaction entry

    Currently it is only possible to enter one transaction at a time. Often sellers make multiple sales at one time (e.g. at a market) and prefer to enter into the transactions as a batch. To facilitate this, we will provide a number of ways to enter multiple trades. These include a multiple trade entry form, a ‘paste’ form where it will be possible to insert multiple trades prepared ‘offline’ with another software program, a transaction ‘upload’ facility that will allow the uploading of transactions recorded with another software program.
  • Automatic and scheduled transactions

    This will operate like a ‘debit order’ with a conventional Federal bank, except that instead of activating ‘payments’ it will automatically credit your account and debit your buyers’/customers’/clients’ accounts. This will be particularly useful for debiting regular buyers such as tenants, parents for pocket money, regular customers for your services (e.g. local government could use this for rates, water, electricity etc.), students for fees (schools, tutors), etc. It will also be useful for buyers who are paying for larger purchases in installments. They will simply have to ensure that there are ‘funds’ in their Virtual-Dollar accounts so that their sellers can set up regular transactions to credit themselves.
  • Regular trader lists

    This will operate like the ‘beneficiary’ lists of regular online banking. ‘Beneficiaries’ don’t make sense in a context where the seller (the beneficiary) enters the transactions so the list will consist of your most regular traders. These will be traders that you most frequently sell to or purchase from. This feature will make it easier to manage your regular trades.
  • ‘Safe shopping’

    People living in unsafe areas will be able to go shopping without having to carry cash, credit cards, cheque books or any other credit instruments. Merchants will be able to link QR recognition devices to the CES, which will authorize their customers (i.e. confirm that the buyer is registered on the system and that they have ‘funds’ available that the merchant can debit). Such buyers will deposit their funds in the CES ‘bank’ and not with the merchant (which could also be an unsafe action).
DXY = USD Dollar Notes issued by the World Treasury and regulated by through The IRS 
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